Feb 10, 2012

Fashion: Kelly Ewing's Black Collection - dresses, corsets, skirts

Dresses, skirts, corsets in Black (& White)

This fashion-related post is about the achromatic "black", which is considered as an eternate, elegant and powerful colour.
It will never go out of fashion – that is why it’s impossible to find a girl without black outfits in her wardrobe.
It’s easy to make it more elegant or eye-catching: combine your black dress with lace or a white corset. Whicever you feel like… You’ll be stylish and womanish.
Take a good look at the pictures below and get carried away by Kelly Ewing’s collection. We totally appreciate her talent as the stunningly great and creative clothes made us say ’wow’...

Ruby Black Lace Dress

Tuesday Black Taffeta Dress

Grace Black Lace Corset

Organza Bow Ivory Corset

Short Hitched Black Lace Skirt

The Black - the eternal, the elegant and the indestructible...